Dates: 13th April – 26th May

Exhibition Preview: 13th April 6pm – 8pm

Visit Outpost to view our latest exhibition, a sensational showcase of knitted sculptural garments, unique ready-to-wear pieces and textile wall hangings by Kizitta Anning.

Kizitta says ‘Inspired by nature, I use experimental yarns with my machine knitting to create unique garments to adorn the body, starting with my own individual expression. My work is tactile and can be worn in many different ways. I invite the wearer to design a finished product with me, by choosing how they style it.

‘My name is Kizitta Anning… Artist and designer. I am a fragrant flower, butterflies land on me…’

I was born in Wandsworth, South London, I grew up in Ghana where my parents come from, and now live in Islington. My father was an architect, and a chief in Ghana. My darling mother was a caterer, she resides in Ghana now. She taught me many things, one of them was that smiling increases your face value, one of my now secret weapons.

I have been privileged to have numerous talents, and am highly artistic. In 1998 I studied Constructed Textiles at Amersham and Wycombe College. In 1999, with the help of the Prince’s Trust, I started my own prolific fashion textiles business with a market stall on Portobello Road. There I ‘Kizittafied’ people with my multifunctional pieces, in a deconstructed style. My clothes graced the backs of Sinead O’Connor, Lenny Kravitz, June Sarpong and Rikki Beadle Blair, among others. I consider myself an honorary Japanese woman as I love all things Japanese, and have sold my pieces in Agosto, Japan’s answer to Harvey Nichols.

The market had to come to an end, as my health failed me. Since 2005 I’ve been earning my living by shining a light into people’s days as a glamorous part-time cashier in the best supermarket in the UK. I don’t see it as just ‘paying the bills’, I have truly found my sweetest spot. I meet all ilks of people, communicating and showing an interest in their lives is an invaluable reward that I can’t explain.

I am totally African, however some of my mannerisms are British, I have a few Kizittaisms – I love talking to complete strangers, I wear odd socks with tiny safety pins on them, I write and send letters in the post to friends, I wear men’s ties around my waist…

Thank you for your eyes!’

Kizitta has joined PBHA’s Supporting Makers programme, part of our Big Lottery funded Enterprising People project. We are delighted to provide a platform at Outpost, enabling Kizitta to showcase, promote and sell her work in a new creative venture.