Donate to Peter Bedford Housing Association

By making a donation to Peter Bedford Housing Association you will be supporting our vital work to provide homes and improve the confidence and skills of homeless and other disadvantaged people so they can move on to greater independence.

Ways to make a donation

There are various ways you can make a donation to our work!


Your gift will help us continue our vital work to support people in North East London at risk of long-term exclusion from the community.

  • £5 could enable a vulnerable adult to attend a Peter Bedford Peer Support group session where our participants support each other to resolve problems.
  • £10 could help us run a Creative Crafts group session that improves the well-being of 6 to 12 vulnerable adults.
  • £25 could enable us to provide an Information, Advice and Guidance session helping a vulnerable adult to make decisions about their future.
  • £500 could provide 10 half day placements in a PBHA social enterprise giving disadvantaged people real experience of life in the workplace.
  • £2,000 could allow us to deliver a comprehensive employability training course for at least 12 vulnerable adults that will boost their confidence and help them gain new skills.
  • £5,000 could run a weekly drop-in Employment Hub for a year providing ongoing employment support.

You can now also donate via text message or SMS using the following codes:

To donate £1, text KHVX01 to 70201

To donate £3, text KHVX01 to 70331

To donate £5, text KHVX01 to 70970

To donate £10, text KHVX01 to 70191

You can make a legacy gift in your to Peter Bedford Housing Association and help us on our mission to tackle social exclusion and homelessness.

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By Post

Please contact us for a form and send it with your cheque made payable to Peter Bedford Housing Association to Clare Norton, Chief Executive, Peter Bedford Housing Association, Kingsland Hub, 242 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4DG

Donate Goods

You can donate a range of physical goods to help our work.

Our joinery workshop on Geffrye Street is always in need of good quality timber for our Creative Industries, and our art space is always looking for supplies of paint, paper, decorations and other arts & craft materials. These provide valuable and creative learning opportunities for artists and makers. We put your donated items to good use, recycling them to create homewares and furniture.

Our hubs can make good use of potted plants, picture frames and lots more. They will help create an attractive space with therapeutic and emotional benefits for our tenants.

We are also able to make use of a range of other items besides, include soft furnishings for tenants, spare office equipment, printing paper or laptops/tablets.

To make a donation please contact our Fundraising Officer at

Thank you for your support.