Our Vision

Our vision is to see a society where everyone is valued and seen, as having something to contribute.

Our Mission

We inspire people with vulnerabilities to realise their potential, build on their strengths and achieve independence.

We do this by housing people in a combination of shared and self-contained properties, enabling our tenants and the wider community to build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Our Values

We have developed new Values for the 2020s with staff, tenants and the Board. These aim to reflect the Peter Bedford of today and for the near future. They fit closely with our plans for the rest of the decade.

  • Tenant-lead – we are responsive and collaborative as together we
    create a better today

  • Resilient and Resourceful – we focus on our strengths and creative

  • Safe and Secure – safety comes first and foremost and we give
    security to those who need it most

  • Reflective – we are psychologically informed and strive to improve

  • Equality and Positive change – we take action to make our world a
    fairer place

You also wanted us to be Compassionate, Sustainable, Transparent and Ethical.

We are integrating these aspirational values into PBHA’s strategy and plans. We will review and hopefully adopt them as we develop the 2025-30 Business Plan.

Our Service Standards

  • Respond to telephone calls and messages within 24 hours

  • Set email signature, mobile and Teams voicemail and out of office details of whom to contact when we are away​

  • Update mobile and Teams voicemail message when you are away (see instructions)

  • Endeavour to reply within 24 hours to tenants and external partners’ emails, within 48 hours as a maximum

  • Respond to Complaints at stage 1 resolved within 2 weeks​, and 4 weeks at Stage 2

  • Complete Emergency repairs within 24 hours; Urgent repairs within 7 days; and Routine repairs within a month​