Current Vacancies

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We currently have the following vacancies at PBHA:

Enhanced Housing Management (EHM) Worker

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic individual to work within PBHA’s housing management team and provide a quality service to vulnerable tenants with additional tenancy sustainment needs, helping them to participate in their community. Click to read more and apply.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Board Members with HR or Housing Management Expertise

Would you like to help us increase the positive impact that we have on our tenants and participants? If so, we’re looking for 2 amazing individuals with experience in HR or Housing Management to join our Board! . Click to read more and apply.

50th Year Marketing Volunteer

We are marking our 50th anniversary and so we are looking for a volunteer to help us go through our archives to identify strong pieces of information and images that we can use to celebrate our work. Click to read more and apply.

Volunteer Shop & Gallery Assistant

You will bring your valuable skills to the role of Volunteer Shop & Gallery Assistant at our Flagship Social Enterprise Outpost Shop and Gallery, enhancing our customers’ experience, promoting the enterprise, raising awareness of PBHA’s mission and connecting with the local community to help the enterprise grow. Click to read more and apply.