Homes for Cathy Commitments Sign Up

Peter Bedford Housing Association has signed up to the Homes for Cathy Commitments. It is a great tool to help develop our policies and practices and an aspirational standard we can work towards.

Here are Homes for Cathy Commitments that we have signed up for:

  1. To contribute to the development and execution of local authority homelessness strategies.
  2. To operate flexible allocations and eligibility policies which allow individual applicants’ unique set of circumstances and housing history to be considered.
  3. To offer constructive solutions to applicants who aren’t deemed eligible for an offer of a home.
  4. To not make any tenant seeking to prevent their homelessness, homeless (as defined by the Crisis plan definition).
  5. To commit to meeting the needs of vulnerable tenant groups.
  6. To work in partnership to provide a range of affordable housing options which meet the needs of all homeless people in their local communities.
  7. To ensure that properties offered to homeless people should be ready to move into.
  8. To contribute to ending migrant homelessness in the areas Housing Associations operate.
  9. To lobby, challenge and inspire others to support ending homelessness.

At Peter Bedford Housing Association we are committed to helping vulnerable adults gain greater independence.

You can find out more about Homes for Cathy on their website here.