Enassey’s Christmas Emporium

Dates: 17th November 2017 – 16th January 2018
Venue: Outpost, 546 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP

Miss GG takes us on a fun-filled adventure into handcrafted textiles with needle, thread and a touch of fantasy. Discover dazzling beadwork, stylized rabbit dolls and Christmas stockings for your WISH LIST!

With extraordinary curiosity, a passion for colours and texture, and attention to detail, GG approaches varied creative projects as a personal ‘adventure’. Embracing new challenges, she develops skills and learns techniques in making to the highest quality.

“Glass seed beads are my joy! I love the colours – like the fabulous depths of nature. The wonderful sound as 1kg of tiny beads tumbles in the container, willing me to open, admire and decorate. If you look closely not one bead is the same!” – GG says of her inspiration. Feast your eyes on intricate wall pieces, with numerous beads handstitched onto fabric forming names and flags that sparkle.

Meet GG’s collection of beautifully stylized rabbit dolls, each carefully constructed in luxury textiles with a unique personality. The ‘Rabbifurians’ are made with luxurious ‘real feel’ faux furs for plush touch. Sitting alongside the ‘Rabbitarians’ made from patterned cotton or silk fabrics, some dressed up in fabulous outfits!

GG says – “Designed as a rabbit to mean: very friendly, non-threatening, comfort without cruelty, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Never lonely with a Rabbitarian for company… they love cuddles!”

GG lives in Hackney, a tenant of Peter Bedford Housing Association, and takes part in our
Enterprising People – Supporting Makers programme, mentored at Outpost and The Workshop. Over the last 4 years at Outpost GG has sold her range of handmade jewellery at Outpost created with precious metals and gemstones. Showcasing more of her talents in the Outpost gallery for Christmas is an exciting step forwards!

With focused determination, GG’s creativity helps to improve her mental health and wellbeing. She says, “Creative messing around, playing with glass seed beads – up late fighting depression. Helpful music plays quietly, Ye!” Sharing her creations brings GG great pleasure and pride, inspiring her to keep making, “It’s extra special to think that from such a little came a lot. The broad smiles of delight, grateful responses, friendly hugs, so warming!”

Why not commission GG to create an exclusive beadwork piece for your home, business or a gift? – Enquire at Outpost for details