Congratulations to Richard Hall, Supported Housing Worker in PBHA’s Hackney team, who has secured a two-month research placement at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at Kings College London, starting in July.

Richard will spend his summer sabbatical as a research assistant exploring links between autism and emotion, as part of a group led by neuroscientist Dr Geoff Bird.

‘I’m excited about the placement – though a bit nervous,’ says Richard.

‘I look forward to coming back to PBHA in October, refreshed and ready to go. Please be welcoming to my replacement in the meantime,’ he smiles.

Clare Norton, PBHA’s CEO says: We’re really proud of Richard’s achievement, and I am sure both Richard and Kings will collaborate very productively.

‘Supporting the continuing personal development of our team and tenants is important to us, as we know it enriches the whole PBHA community.’