A series of striking images of urban life in Hackney was on display at Outpost in September, showcasing the achievements of seven budding photographers on PBHA’s ‘Introduction to Street Photography’.

The course, led by artist Roman Manfredi and funded by the Hackney Learning Trust, is one of many art and design courses offered by PBHA’s Creative Industries.

The group explored street photography in a psychological and physical context, working with four main themes: shadows and reflections; people; shapes, patterns and texture; signs and symbols. Each person interpreted the brief in different ways. The group created images using a variety of compact digital cameras. They also learned how to make and use pinhole cameras to take photos on the street, and developed their own images in a darkroom.

Learners experienced the journey of the photographic process: Project brief, observation on location, photography, creative expression, printing, image selection, and finally curating their exhibition for a public audience in Outpost, building pride and aspiration.

The group observed and responded to their surroundings, developing an eye for capturing real moments as they happen in different environments and situations.

They learnt ways to approach strangers to ask if they could take their photograph. Engaging with people for this purpose required courage and confidence, bringing unexpected challenges, new connections and fun.

The course has been a great inspiration to learners, as well as meeting PBHA’s core values – PRIDE – Participation, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment .

The exhibition launch was held on 2 September. The evening was well attended with mocktails, music and mingling.