Starts at Home highlights the value of supported housing and the difference it makes to people’s lives. We are proud to share the story of one of our tenants which shows first hand the difference a supporting hand can make.

John’s Story

Before PBHA, John, who has a long-term health condition, was homeless and affected by substance misuse. Since being housed and supported at PBHA, he has gained voluntary experience to prepare for a return to work and attended recovery groups. He has also worked very closely with Ntombiza his recovery coach on the search for longer-term housing.

“Ntombiza has been the epitome of what I consider to be a caring, supportive, sympathetic and professional recovery coach,” says John, who has recently
moved into his own home after two years at PBHA.

John and Ntombiza developed an excellent relationship, which has helped him to recover and become more independent.

“She gave continuous encouragement in where to go and what to do and if you needed support she would offer it.” say John, when reflecting on his recovery coach’s support. “John’s been engaged from the very beginning,” says Ntombiza, “He’s been very motivated and keen to change his life.”

Ntombiza helped John find a home suitable for his condition and that would provide him with his own space. Now he has the stability of his own home, he is planning his next steps.

It’s been a long road from being homeless to being back in a stable situation. My next aim is to embark on an Adult Health and Social Care Course, gain a level 2 qualification and start applying for work in that industry.

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