On Thursday 30th June, we will celebrate Pride with our annual festival. Tenants and Participants come together to organise the day, where we dance, sing and celebrate our talents, along with eating a hearty meal. We have been celebrating Pride for 25 years at Peter Bedford, led by tenants who want to challenge LGBTQ discrimination and create a better community. The festival has made a real difference to how important being inclusive and celebrating our differences are in the Peter Bedford community.

“Pride is where I am free to be who I am and not to be judged” – Peter Caffrey, founding tenant of Pride at PBHA.

At Peter Bedford, we want to continue LGBTQi inclusion beyond Pride and are exploring whether we can sign up to Houseproud’s Next steps action plan as featured here https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/insight/insight/a-new-action-plan-for-lgbtq-housing-69212

We will look at how well we have dealt with any harassment tenants have experienced, offer staff training and protect our LGBTQi staff. Watch this space for more news!

Pride London is celebrating 50 years this year, looking back at the torch bearers over the years with an additional call to action. Pride London are calling on the UK Govt to ban conversion therapy for all LGBT+ people, reform the Gender Recognition, provide equal protection for LGBT+ communities against hate crime, by making homophobic, bi-phobic, or transphobic hate crime an aggravated crime in line with racial and religious hate crimes, end its hostile environment toward minority migrants, and to establish a national AIDS memorial.