Current Exhibition

I Dream in Colour

James Gray

14 Nov 2019 – 31 Jan 2020

Preview:  Thur 14 Nov – 6-8pm

“My name is James Gray and I dream in colour.

I believe colour has a powerful effect on people, and art is a wonderful tool. Hopefully my art brings joy and happiness into people’s lives


“I love the mess, it’s my friend. I always know when I’m finished. I feel drained and absolute, it’s a beautiful feeling”,  

James says of his creative practice.


Outpost is proud to present ‘I Dream in Colour’, a solo-exhibition of fantastic paintings by James Gray in which colours collide and textures slide to inspire happiness. Explore the swirling spectrums of rich acrylic captured on canvas that seduce the viewer.

Self-taught artist James, who lives and works in London, has experimented with different techniques during his journey with art over 10 years, learning how to mix colours and discover new ways to use paint for high impact. He loves to immerse himself in the experience and enjoyment of painting, and is constantly surprised by what emerges. Also by viewers interpretation of what they see in his work. This sense of wonder and discovery inspires James to develop his work as a self-employed artist.

Previous exhibitions in London include: 54 The Gallery, Mayfair (2019); Cafe Art, Hampstead School of Art and Spitalfields Market; Face Value 2, Katie Piper Foundation; Outpost (2017); Artist in Residence, Old Diorama Arts Centre (2017), The Guardian, Kings Cross.

Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) are proud to provide a platform for James Gray in his second exhibition at Outpost, following his hugely successful show in 2017.

A participant of PBHA Supporting Makers programme, which provides tailored support for artists and makers who may be affected by homelessness, mental health issues, disabilities or other barriers.

Profits from sales of artwork go directly to the artist, and help to sustain PBHA adult learning opportunities, enabling local people to build on their strengths and achieve greater independence.


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Past Exhibitions

Roy Appleton – Not a load of Pollocks: I Told You I Was Under The Weather
Oct 2017 – Nov 2017

A special exhibition at Outpost to celebrate the life and work of Islington-based artist Roy Appleton who sadly passed away in September 2017. Each action painting is unique, combining different techniques, layers and weathered effects to create explosive high impact pieces and more subtle works. Roy’s creative process made excellent use of the changeable British weather, and unlike many people he was happy when it rained. He tracked the weather forecast on TV and waited for the perfect conditions:  a dry morning, followed by rain. When the time was right he would take a canvas and coloured acrylic paints out to his backyard, and energetically set about it. He loved the physical act of throwing, pouring, squirting and splattering paint from a height. Then left the wet canvas outside, exposed to the elements to let nature take its course. Some days a painting dried quickly in the sun, on other days rainwater created new and unexpected visual effects, a great source of inspiration for Roy. These actions and his sense of humour are captured in each unique painting. He loved to “Go for it!” and enjoyed the positive impact of making art on his mood and well-being.

James Gray – I Dream in Colour
Aug 2017 – Oct 2017

A solo-exhibition showcasing fantastic art in vivid colour, influenced by the inner world of dreams. A mix of psychedelic abstract paintings and figurative sgraffito skylines of London, where he lives and works. His compact abstract paintings on canvas draw you into an intricate fantasy world of colour spectrums, twisting kaleidoscopes and glitter, where the physical fluid movement of thick acrylic paint is captured in glistening textured surfaces. The imagination wanders amongst swirling paint to find order in the chaos, with shapes morphing into surreal creatures and landscapes. Evocatively described as ”jewellery on canvas”, “ice cream” and “candy made in dreams”, the sensuous and soothing paintings are a sight to behold and treasure.

Kizitta Anning – Find Your Extraordinary
July 2017 – Sept 2017

A showcase of sensational garments, accessories and textile wall hangings by artist and designer Kizitta Anning hosted at Peter Bedford Housing Association’s Kingsland Hub. Visitors can expect to be enthralled by the artist’s incredibly bright personality and rich history as she talks about her work. “Inspired by nature, I use experimental yarns with my machine knitting to create unique garments to adorn the body, starting with my own individual expression. My work is tactile and can be worn in many different ways. I invite the wearer to design a finished product with me, by choosing how they style it.”

Face to Face
June – July 2017 

A group exhibition of textiles and mixed media portraits by adults taking part in creative courses with WEA and Peter Bedford Housing Association.
The array of exciting artwork on show is the outcome of 4 different weekly art and craft classes in PBHA: The Workshop on Geffrye Street in Hackney. Each course, in Textiles, Painting, Drawing and Print Making, seeks to educate and support students in gaining new experiences and developing their personal potential. Community engagement, health and wellbeing lie at the centre of all of our activities.

Textiles Taster Workshop
June 2017

A friendly drop-in workshop at Outpost, as a taster session for our courses at The Workshop. This was an opportunity to meet some of the students, and join in with textiles techniques they had learned in the courses. Guests had the chance to try out simple tapestry techniques and learn basic knitting stitches.

Kizitta Anning – Keep Smiling Keep Shining
April – May 2017

A sensational showcase of knitted sculptural garments, unique ready-to-wear pieces and textile wall hangings by Kizitta Anning. Kizitta says ‘Inspired by nature, I use experimental yarns with my machine knitting to create unique garments to adorn the body, starting with my own individual expression. My work is tactile and can be worn in many different ways. I invite the wearer to design a finished product with me, by choosing how they style it.

Pictures in Detail Exhibition by Same Jevon from Headway East London
March – June 2016

Londoner Sam Jevon wasn’t always an artist. In fact, before a car accident in 2006 which saw her sustain a severe brain injury, she had little interest in drawing – “all I could draw were matchstick men”.

Seven years ago when Sam became a member of Headway East London, she started drawing more regularly in their art studio. What slowly emerged was a very distinct style of illustration. Using black pens in varying thicknesses, this exhibition showcased her now hugely detailed pictures, in a collection of intricate black and white works that capture people, places and objects in minute detail.

Tagzee Remembered Exhibition
February – March 2016

An exhibition to celebrate and remember the work of Islington-based artist, Tagzee, who died unexpectedly at the age of 59 in December 2015.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Tagzee through a very successful exhibition in 2014 at Outpost and from then he took part our pop-up workshops. He was a wonderfully warm man, a talented artist and a great inspiration to many. ‘Tagzee Remembered’ was a tribute to a true original.

World of Dolls Exhibition by Sheona Josiah
Nov 2015 – Jan 2016

Local artist Sheona Josiah is a well-known personality around Holloway, expressing herself in public each day with an eye-catching display of dolls attached to her walking frame. She attracts attention and inspires people’s curiosity to stop her in the street to find out more and makes friends in the process.

Surrealist Collage Free Workshop
1st August 2015

Exploring creativity through various collage materials…

This workshop was an introduction to experimenting with Surrealist collage and abstraction, drawing inspiration from the photo-collages by ‘Bev Fish – Metamorphosis’, exhibited in Outpost at the time. Using clippings from newspapers, magazines, photographs and various ephemera glued to paper, participants learnt ways to play with techniques to create dreamlike imagery or strange new realities which they could then take home.

Hosted by artist, photographer, lecturer and course curator Kika Pieridis –

Community Quilting Free Workshop
14 & 28 Marh 2015

A chance to Learn traditional English paper quilting techniques, combined with printing and painting on fabric, this workshop explored individual creativity through textiles. Alongside our Quilt Exhibition, it was a great way get to know the local community.

Hosted by community artist Tarot Couzyn from ActiveArt, who uses quilts for social change and bringing communities together internationally.

Community Quilting Exhibition
February 2015

A truly uplifting event that brought together diverse communities across Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets. A celebration of achievements, plus sharing of knowledge, social connections, and the wellbeing of everyone that took part in the 3 community quilt projects, prior to the exhibition.

Winter Words Free Workshop
13th December 2014

A festive Poetry Workshop hosted by Change Together, an afternoon of heartwarming conversation and creativity.

Celebrate Thought Forms Exhibition by Cecil Nurse
October – November 2014

A celebration of the artists CECIL NURSE’s first ever solo exhibition containing over 600 abstract pencil doodles, produced in 1992 as part of a Zen-influenced ‘argument with life’. Also featuring Cecil’s keyboard music compositions.

Cecil Nurse is an artist from Stoke Newington, tenant of Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) and participant in our Creative Industries programme.

Musician and PBHA tenant, Mike ‘Down Dalston Lane’ Gregovich, gave a heartfelt live performance of his own music. As well as conversation surrounding mental health awareness with Change Together.

Spurred on to create by his first exhibition, Cecil Nurse has now achieved his second exhibition here at Outpost, for details please visit our Current Exhibition page.

Drawing Breath Free Workshop as part of THE BIG DRAW 2014
25 Oct 2014

Alongside the abstract drawings of Cecil Nurse,‘Drawing Breath’ workshops were an invitation to explore a range of possibilities through Automatic Drawing, a highly expressive form of image-making, and Music and Form. Participants experimented with ‘thoughtless’ mark making and responded to the resulting images with text.

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