ABOUT FACE Exhibition by Bruce Wang
Preview Event: Wed 1st May 2019 6pm – 8pm
Art Exhibition Date: 1st May –  7 June 2019
Venue: Outpost, 546 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP

ABOUT FACE exhibition by Bruce Wang features charismatic portrait photographs of performers, artists and activists. Capturing the act of seeing and being seen, showing unique relationships in a society of lost connections.

“I seek to connect with the people in my photos, to see beyond the superficial, how people dress up and subsequently hide. I draw inspiration from 1970’s feminist photographer Jo Spence and her unique ‘Female Gaze’. Sadly, our society is one of lost connections and the result is a sense of isolation and alienation, something I try to redress.

For me, photography involves the act of seeing and being seen. The relationship between model and photographer is evident in the photograph. They are all ‘real’ people, performers, artists and activists living in London. They were invited to model because of their vibrancy and wit. The poses were devised between us at the time of the shoot, without the aim of earning thousands of pounds or promoting merchandise.

The audience sees what I see in my view finder. I was mostly 3-4 feet away from the model. I like to get in close so we can hear each other breathing, so the clicks of the shutter do not resonate like the keys turning in a prison cell door. I try to empathise rather than objectify.

I think it an important part of my process that I open my home studio in Islington. Potentially making myself vulnerable in order to achieve connections and pictures reflecting the resulting relationship between photographer and sitter who has also taken a leap of faith, trusting and allowing me to make my art. Only cropped and with no special filters, my pictures have been praised for their honesty and realness.

At this age of 65 I keep an eye open for what is to be my legacy and how I want to be seen and remembered. This exhibition shows 50 photos selected from 48,000 shots taken over 6 years”.

Artist statement by Bruce Wang, edited by Naomi Elfred Ross.

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Bruce Wang has been a long term tenant of Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) for 30 years, in a secure home that enables him to develop his talents. He first became a participant of PBHA’s Enterprises People – Supporting Makers programme in 2017 with his first solo exhibition ‘The Eye of the Beholder’ at Outpost. This experience of one to one tailored support has provided opportunities to gain skills, a sense of purpose, develop self-expression, showcase his talents and build his reputation as a photographer.

PBHA are proud to present Bruce Wang’s second exhibition at Outpost shop and gallery social enterprise, with all profits going towards supporting him to continue his work.