Commitment to Refer

Peter Bedford Housing Association is committed to putting an end to homelessness, that is why we have signed up to the Commitment to Refer initiative. This means that we will continue to refer individuals at risk of homelessness to a local authority.

The Commitment to Refer initiative was developed to allow Housing Associations to support the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act. Under this act, public bodies have an obligation to refer homeless or those at risk of homelessness to a local authority.

Commitment to Refer is a great way to showcase what we at Peter Bedford Housing Association have been doing. However, there is still more to be done to ensure that local authorities do apply the Homelessness Reduction Act for the best interest of the applicant.

Clear referral routes and explanations are still needed for applicants, as many are still being turned away, unless they have an advocate. In a small number of cases the basic assessment duty is not being upheld with applicants having no access to a copy of their assessment and no written decision.

Peter Bedford Housing Association will continue to refer homeless individuals or those at risk of homelessness to a local authority. We are determined to help tackle the housing crisis.