A group of seven Hackney residents today celebrated their successful completion of Maths for All, a 9-week course at Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA).

The course, funded by the Hackney Learning Trust, helps students build confidence and boost their employability.

‘Many of our students are very nervous about Maths when they first join the class. Their lack of skills holds them back when looking for work,’ says course teacher Francis Kisero. ‘Confidence with Maths opens up new opportunities and helps learners progress to employment.’

Kim, course participant said: ‘I’ve learned a lot more with Francis than I ever learned at school.’

‘It wasn’t just the teacher, it was the whole group. We’ve really encouraged each other,’ added fellow student Patrick.

Pam Frost, Head of Vocational and Community Services (VCS), presented learners with certificates of attendance.

She said: ‘The students displayed great confidence in their teacher. There was a real sense of achievement. Many of their fears about Maths had clearly been overcome.’

To find out about Adult Education and Employability courses on offer at PBHA, please contact vcs@peterbedford.org.uk or call 020 7226 6074.