On Sunday 22nd September we celebrated our 50th Anniversary at a well attended Party in the Park. The celebration took place in Clissold Park as part of their 130th anniversary celebrations. We made our home on the old
Bowling Green on a windy day with showers, which made it difficult to put up our gazebos, but with persistence we succeeded and the celebrations lasted all afternoon.

We were delighted to see so many people despite the rain and the day did brighten up so we were able to eat lovely Caribbean food, take part in a quiz about 1969, and dance off some of the delicious anniversary cake.

It was another opportunity to appreciate the talents of Peter Bedford tenants and staff with amazing singing and musicianship. Andy Love, Chair of Trustees, and Clare Norton were among the speakers.  Memorably we heard from tenants who told us about their history with PBHA, and talked about how it was as well as how the future could be.