New Year’s boost for mental health in Hackney and Islington


Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) and Volunteer Centre Hackney (VCH) renewed their commitment to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace, by signing the Time to Change pledge at the close of 2014. PBHA and VCH have joined the ever growing movement of organisations that have signed the Time to Change pledge to promote a better understanding of mental health problems within the workplace, while offering support and welfare advice to staff. Time to Change is England's most ambitious programme to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. It is run by the charities Mind [...]

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Meaningful conversations about mental health


Change Together is a PBHA and VC Hackney-led project to raise mental health awareness in Hackney and Islington, through conversations with members of the public at local events. Volunteer Amy shares her experiences so far.   I think the best thing has been bringing people together to a safe and vibrant space where they can have meaningful experiences and conversations relating to mental health.   Creating natural environments for these to happen has meant that the shared thought and feelings have all been very genuine. And often quite in-depth.   This is very moving to me - relating to one another as fellow humans.   [...]

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Change Together: Sharing experiences of mental health


Change Together volunteer Stephen Baynes talks about his experience of challenging mental health stigma in the community through conversation with people at events in Hackney, as part of a Time to Change-funded project.   My name is Stephen and I’m a volunteer Change Maker and a steering group member for Change Together, a project led by Peter Bedford Housing Association and Volunteer Centre Hackney, and funded by Time to Change.   I’m someone who has experienced mental health issues and I thought this would be a great channel for creating awareness around mental health.   It's very important to challenge the stigmas and discrimination people with mental [...]

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