Autumn Pride exhibition

Autumn Pride

Solo Art Exhibition: 25 Sept – 27 Oct 2019

Outpost is proud to present Autumn Pride the first solo-exhibition of emotive paintings by Tiffany Lambert, inspiring freedom through colour, movement and flow.

Tiffany says, “PRIDE 2019 was the inspiration for painting these works for an LGBT+ art competition in London. I believe colour should not be gendered, biased or tied to one season. Nature, fashion, and my Caribbean culture of music, dancing and carnival all influence my practice.

I love the magic of creating having a mind of its own, you never know what’s going to happen. I let the work flow the way it wants, creating a beautiful accident, emphasising the unexpected effects and shapes to dramatic effect.

Image: Seeking Serenity by Tiffany Lambert

Journaling, purging and organising my thoughts and space is an essential part of my process, allowing me to have a clear mind and be open to new experiences. Working in my slippers is also essential, allowing me the comfort to create.

With a history of homelessness, I started being creative at the same time I decided to sort out my housing. Art has been my therapy through difficult times, and given me a sense of purpose. A chance to let go and not hold back, having a powerful influence on my art.

It led to starting my own business BOUNDED LONDON, as a self-taught artist and maker of contemporary leather accessories. Selling at Outpost and other outlets has given the opportunity to explore my brand, combined with arts courses to develop my skills. Working in my own art studio in Hackney gives me space to harness my energy, explore my creativity and to grow”.

As a tenant of Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) for 4 years, Tiffany finds that being housed has helped her to feel more stable and focused on the future. She has participated in PBHA Supported Makers programme since 2016, benefiting from creative mentoring and a platform to showcase and sell
her work at Outpost.